Astral People are proud to present cross-boundary producer and DJ, Objekt.

Objekt’s productions gleefully defy expectations, drawing as much from Autechre, golden-era Warp and brittle, frenetic electro as from house and techno, early dubstep, noise and experimental electronics. His are fusions that flirt with the unknown.

His DJ sets are tantalisingly dexterous, with each pivot, no matter how obtuse, somehow notching up the momentum. A rave sensibility always burns bright, centring around kinetic intuition. Tightly-wound yet free floating. Moving bodies and minds.

Objekt is the kind of artist that leaves critics stunned:

“What is he actually doing back there? How did we get from that track to this one, and how is it that such a dramatic leap made sense?” on his DJ sets

“He somehow makes an entire night of weird club music manifest in seven dizzying minutes” – on his latest single, Theme From Q.

Tour Dates

10th-13th March – Victoria – Golden Plains Festival