After his whirlwind Australian debut in 2013, Flako, one of the UK’s most mesmerizing beat smiths will be making his long awaited return to Sydney! Packing a brand new live set, get prepared to take a journey through the interstellar spheres of your minds eye! Once an MPC sample centric focus on instrumental hip-hop production, Flako’s multi textural soundscapes have developed into something else entirely. Strict confinements within genre specific realms are thrown out the window, opting for a more organic approach of channelling the energies created by everyday interaction with both the built and natural environments.

Tour Dates

14th May – Melbourne – Lounge

15th May – Perth – Parkers Nightclub

16th May – Sydney – Marrickville Bowling Club

17th May – Brisbane – A Love Supreme

21st May – Wellington – Bodega

22nd May – Auckland – Cassette Nine