New York City by way of Chicago based producer and dj, BRENMAR, represents a strange musical paradox. Somehow defying the odds, he marries the artificial gloss of commercial R’n’B and Hip Hop with the urban grittiness of underground dance music (Chicago ghetto house, UK bass, Jersey club). His remixes/edits/and productions have taken him to both coasts of the U.S., Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia and the EU – frenzying crowds with his up-tempo, neon-drenched tunes. Always difficult to define, the elements that make up Brenmar’s music contain an extravagant medley of influences. Take a pinch of Mannie Fresh snares, a handful of DJ Rashad toms, a dose of basslines from the UK, a generous portion of Hot 97 vocalists, poach it all in a synthesizer broth, and garnish with some Timbaland sheen. You’re getting close.

Tour Dates

20th November – Sydney – Oxford Art Factory

21st November – Adelaide – Electric Circus

22nd November – Sunshine Coast – The Helm

22nd November – Noosa – Soda

27th November – Auckland – Cassette Nine

28th November – Wellington – Working Men’s Bowling Club

29th November – Sydney – OutsideIn Festival (Day)

29th November – Melbourne – Revolver (Night)