Astral People are proud to present the spaced-out club producer Baba Stiltz.

Baba Stiltz is a 22-year-old producer hailing from a long chain of musical vagabonds and funk devotees centred around the chilled yet unpredictable city of Stockholm. From a young age, he fell head first in love with music, guided through the relationship process by some of Stockholm’s most prolific artists, DJ’s and producers.

He prides himself in neglecting a lot of what modern music has to offer and has instead embarked upon his own “musical journey of retro-doubt and future-envy”. His recent adventures have led to a string of releases on Stockholm’s most prolific dance label, Studio Barnhus. A frequent face on the Stockholm circuit, this young producer is beginning to break international boundaries and is certainly one to watch for the future.

Hyp 183 is a random and interesting addition to our mix series. Sporadically hopping between genres it’s an eclectic mix of Pop, Funk & Soul which features an undeniable Dusty Springfield classic, an old gem from William Bell, a cracking Larry Levan remix and a couple of unreleased works from Baba’s own forthcoming LP; all tied together with laughable audio outtakes from interviews with the likes of David Schwimmer. The end product allows for a glimpse inside the workings of a coming-of-age psyche and ultimately provides a refreshing dose of audio aural entertainment.