POLOSHIRT is the collaboration you've been waiting for; the coming together of singer/rapper/multi-instrumentalist Winston Surfshirt and live production duo Polographia. The joint project is the culmination of years of friendship and late night studio blazes. This musical alliance is set to fuse together and highlight Winston’s unique blend of funk, soul and hip hop and Polographia’s timeless approach to electronic pop. With influences ranging from 70's slow jams to 8-bit anime, POLOSHIRT is a familiar sound with a modern approach ready to be served. With a full EP in the works for later this year featuring a slew of local talent, POLOSHIRT announce the release of their collaborative debut single ‘Pinned Upon’ - and is every bit as smooth and tasty as could be expected from this fresh trio.

Mok explains, “I met Winston over 2 years ago and had him feature on a song called ‘Sly’. We instantly had a musical connection and inadvertently continued working on music together. ‘Pinned Upon’ was one of the last songs we wrote together. It’s a song about everlasting love and one of the warmest songs we’ve done


On stage POLOSHIRT bridges the gap between cartoon and reality through visuals and fashion, they truly deliver a feast for the eyes. The trio will be unveiling their live show at Curveball on Saturday 16th June as part of Sydney’s VIVID festival, before taking the stage at Listen Out in September - amongst a stellar line-up including A$AP Rocky, Brockhampton, and Noname.

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Vic Edirisinghe

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