Born in Melbourne with Chilean heritage, Jalmar is bringing Latin America to Australia with a gusto like no other. Effortlessly merging Latin instrumentation with trap drums, Jalmar raps with quiet confidence but loud charisma. His debut is rich in versatility yet with a distinctly Latin touch. 

After finding a beat on YouTube, Jalmar made his first Spanish-influenced song in 2018, unaware it would result in anything. ‘Mi Paciencia’ ended up finding airplay on triple j and receiving praise from radio stations and music magazines around Australia. Since then, he’s only released a handful of loosies and features, keeping the real gems close to his chest until the time is right.

While music was always a mainstay in his life, he didn’t start taking it seriously until he was 19, when defining life moments pushed him to grow from spitting raps at parties to truly finding his own flow. It was this painful, frustrating and at times beautiful roller coaster that steered him in the direction of pursuing a genre close to home, one that tied in with his family’s roots.

With both parents from Chile, culture and heritage is paramount to Jalmar’s voice. Having fled Santiago before Jalmar was born, his parents sought refuge in Australia, escaping the corruption in the country that continued to create unsafe living conditions. Learning this, Jalmar felt compelled to use his upbringing to pursue something worthwhile and real.

Before embarking on his musical journey, Jalmar had to discover his heritage. Emptying his entire savings from a dead-end job, Jalmar flew around South America, finding himself inspired, gaining a whole new perspective and becoming wiser in the process. Understanding the strength of his position, Jalmar dedicated himself to being the director of his own life. 

“I want to set an example for all the different cultures in Australia that have come here for a better chance at life. Inspiring them to follow their passions and to not be afraid of a road that has never been taken. I hope to grow and reach a point in my career where I'm in a position to constructively give back to these communities. And in the meantime, continue to spread positive messages throughout my journey.”

His musical process is unfixed, each time he sets out to make a new track the path changes, there’s no formula. Guided by intuition, him and producer Younique let their emotions on each day push and pull the sessions to where they need to go. Inspiration breathes up out of day-to-day activities, whether that’s half conscious raps in the car or freestyling over beats online. 

His debut single ‘Mijo Rico’ came to be in much the same unpredictable way. One day, whilst enjoying the ‘herbal essences in the air’, Younique pressed play on a beat and asked Jalmar to freestyle over the top. Jalmar, not thinking much of the beat at first, let the melody flow out of him without much thought. The next day they added lyrics and laid down the whole track. Still not convinced it was single material, it wasn’t until he saw the same hyped reaction from each person he showed that he began to come around to the track.

This debut single finds Jalmar one step closer to giving back to these communities and spreading his message of positivity. It’s the first taste of Jalmar’s versatility, innate knack for music and rich heritage, of which there is much more to come. ‘Mijo Rico’ is the perfect soundtrack to take back control of your life and seize every opportunity. 

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