Strict Face remixes Dro Carey's 'Atmosphere'

Coming strong and direct with his (now infamous) RE-Strict spirit, Strict Face pumps

the breaks and twists Dro Carey’s OG ‘Atmosphere’ from an venomous composition

to a more laidback experiment. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a late night drive, neon-

filled, with dark undertones. A vastly different and rewarding counterpart to the high

energy original.

“Strict Face and I have been aware of one another's work for a very long time, before

SoundCloud even... I think years and years ago we were even interacting on Tumblr.

I am such a fan of what he does and I just immediately knew he would be so perfect

on a remix for Atmosphere. Stylistically it could have gone anywhere - he's someone

whose work has a particular compositional character to it that drives it, rather than it

inhabiting a stylistic or genre niche - so I actually had no idea what to expect. The

dark but chill direction he came back with blew me away. Super surprising but also

so logical and beautiful.” – Dro Carey


An abrupt stylistic shift, ‘Atmosphere’ sees Dro switch gears from the warm dance

pop of the previous record to revisit a far grimier mood. Paging a searing trio of rap

talents from Australia, the US and the UK, Dro is joined by rising hip-hop star

Kwame, London MC Renz (of Mob Set), and Boston via Sydney’s Raj Mahal.


Like ‘Glow Now’ before it, ‘Atmosphere’ sees unique international collaborations play

out across a Dro Carey production. The track is a strikingly different offering genre-

wise and one that indicates the foreboding, lofi beat-making roots of the project are

alive and well.