Dro Carey releases 'Glow Now'

We're thrilled to announce the first release from our management roster of 2018; One of Australia’s most interesting and versatile producers Dro Carey with brand new track ‘Glow Now’ Feat. Taliwhoah & Genesis Owusu.

Premiered on triple j Good Nights on Tuesday and Pigeons and Planes, ‘Glow Now’ sees Dro Carey further expand his stylistic wings, pulling delicate pop aspects onto a musical bed that is a perfect concoction of gleaming sparkle and grit. Traversing new sonic territories, ‘Glow Now’ is an upbeat yet reflective track with heavy UK Garage-influences.

A collaborative effort with crisp vocals from London R&B artist Taliwhoah dancing throughout the track against 19-year- old Canberra innovator Genesis Owusu’s breezy, oozing rap. ‘Glow Now’ slides its electronic fingers in to the subconscious mind – simultaneously sinister, restrained and intoxicating.

I first discovered Taliwhoah via someone on Twitter linking to the music video for her song 'Alright'; which really blew me away, as it was R&B but with a lot of other musical elements going on too, and I just really loved that song (and then everything else I heard from her).

With Genesis Owusu, I had heard 'Sideways' on the radio which immediately put him on my radar, but not at all necessarily for ‘Glow Now’, especially given how stylistically different it is to ‘Sideways’. It was only after delving a bit deeper online and hearing tracks from his CARDRIVE EP, especially his verse flows on the track 'Drive Slow' that I thought it was worth asking him if he wanted to feature on ‘Glow Now’. - Eugene (Dro Carey)

‘Glow Now’ marks Dro Carey’s intriguing entry into 2018, which is set to unfold as his largest yet. All will be revealed soon.

Check it out below