Collarbones return with new single 'A.I'

Australian electronic duo, Collarbones today re‐emerge with their first solo release and video in over two years, "A.I.". The song marks the beginning of a new phase from a longstanding interstate collaboration between Adelaide’s Travis Cook and Sydney’s Marcus Whale.

As premiered on triple j and Acclaim, "A.I" navigates between disparate ballad and club‐ready genres, while detailing the tortured power dynamics of a futuristic love story, drawing from the anonymous interactions on which Whale and Cook were raised during the shadowy pre‐social age of the internet. Pairing the rhythmic sharp mechanics of club music, with Whale's ever reaching vocal range, the release balances playful and darker moments. The masterful production draws on the space between beat and lyrics, with instrumental silence hitting between mammoth breakdowns. Alluring and mysterious, "A.I." foreshadows a new chapter of Collarbones.

The accompanying "A.I." video is a commanding and emotionally exposed visual representation of the track's untamed, expressive energy. Directed by Sydney based artist GUSSY, the video mirrors their live performance that ranges from the kinetic to the abstract, baring Whale's daring and passionate stage presence, switching between contemporary choreography and a steadfast vocal delivery, as Whale lies in solitude among a forgotten, post‐party mess.

Now into their 11th year of collaboration since meeting on a post‐rock online message board, Whale and Cook have released three albums of sinewy electronic pop including Iconography (2011), Die Young (2012) and Return (2014). Having circuited the country many times over, from packed home‐bases to seated theatres and large outdoor festivals, the duo has also appeared at Flume's Vivid Live headline slot at the Sydney Opera House and FYF Fest in Los Angeles. Finding themselves in the company of Australia's finest electronic music export, Flume remixed Collarbones' single "Turning'" in 2015, following up the remix with Marcus performing at Flume's headline set for 10 Years of Future Classic at the Sydney Opera House. The track has since collected 14 million streams. Entering a new era of the Collarbones journey, "A.I." today arrives as a perfect summation of Marcus
Whale & Travis Cook's both familiar and mysteriously new sound, to raw encapsulating visuals.