We are looking for a new Junior Agent / Tour Promoter

ROLE: Junior Agent / Tour Promoter

*Applications CLOSE 5pm Friday 17/08/18

We are looking for someone to take a brand new role within the ever-growing Astral People family!

The position will be focused primarily on working across & developing Astral People's touring arm and working across club shows all the way through to our biggest events.

Additionally, you will be developing the brand partnership arm of the company.

This will be a 3-4 day a week role working from our Sydney office, which is located in the CBD.

Meet the team ;)

The following is a summary of the roles & responsibilities required from this role:


  • A&R - Seeking out new artists that could fit with Astral’s DJ and feeder touring division. Dealing with all aspects of the tour from initial reach out to the agent all the way through to helping finalise the post tour settlement. 
  • Day-to-day communications with promoters, venues, festivals etc 
  • Day-to-day communications with the agent
  • Formulating official offer sheets, budgets and P&L statements
  • Working with our General Manager on developing initial media / partner blast / press release 
  • Look after day-to-day promo communications (organising interviews, features, street press, radio opportunities etc) for tours confirmed 
  • Executing and managing all contracts, invoice and riders to relevant parties involved 
  • Working with our interns to draw up Artist Pitch Notes
  • Working with our Operations Manager to book in and handle logistics around the tour  
  • Working with our Digital & Events Manager to help set up social media and digital advertising campaigns 


  • Looking out for special venues for interesting, larger scale events
  • Looking out and sponsorship / brand opportunities for both international and local roster
  • Assisting the Digital & Events Manager with sponsorship opportunities for bigger events
  • Assisting the Director with artist bookings process for bigger astral only events - Summer Dance, NYE etc.
  • Taking face-to-face meetings with various local promoters, agents, venues, brands and more 
  • Working/assisting with running appropriate club shows and larger scale events 

For all other questions, information & CV submissions, please email

Applications close 5pm Friday 17/08/18