Tuff Sherm ‘Dern Work’ EP Launch Sydney – SLYFOX – Friday 6th November 2015


Astral People & Hot Haus Present

Tuff Sherm & Patch Free – Dern Work EP Launch – Sydney
w/ Preacha & Cop Envy
Friday 6th November, Sly Fox. 10pm.

“First of all I would like to thank Patch Free for his amazing work on our two collab releases. This show will be the launch of our second record together, the Dern Work EP on Hot Haus Recs.

Patch has been a great collaborator and, despite being quite new to electronic music making, shows some amazing prowess at home and ‘on the boards’ – however, he hasn’t really DJ’d much. So that is why the Dern Work launch party will be a solo Sherm set. I’m hoping to bring Patch on board for future line-ups as I’m sure that, as with his music, once he gets going his selections will be weird and wonderful.

Who we *do* have for this party are Preacha and Cop Envy. Preacha has been a supporter of the Tuff Sherm project since its first ever release, repping those TTT cuts like Leg Man super early on. As a selector he ranks as one of Sydney’s finest and his eclectic taste is one that I both relate to and feel inspired by.

Cop Envy is a fairly new project from Alba’s Tom McAlister. Some of you may have heard some of the project’s tracks in Hodge’s recent Boiler Room or on my Dro Carey Mix Up. Tom’s Cop Envy productions contort between UK Bass references and forceful techno, all with impeccable sound design. If you’re into the techno-leaning material on Livity Sound – that will give you some idea of what to expect. It will be my first time seeing a solo set from Tom so I’m really looking forward to it!

They will be along for the ride as I launch the Dern Work EP at the Sly Fox on November 6. The EP vinyl is available now!

Hoping to see all Sydney heads come by for a rare, extended Tuff Sherm set flanked by two of the city’s best. Please come and enjoy some ~hot house~”

– Eugene