Black Vanilla Quarterly #2 – Goodgod Small Club – Friday 4th December 2015


The BV Quarterly returns after a too-long delay, kissing the summer’s blessed beginning. Picture yourself soaking in sun long into the evening as the air stays balmy, heavy with the anticipation of another night with your purveyors of humid club music, Black Vanilla.

Last time we met, we spoke about liberating our bodies. Let us be more specific. If you, your skin, your kin, your identity is oppressed by dominant social forces in this world of slickly laden power, BV Quarterly is a safer space. Our friends enjoying social power in this society can make room for those others, to help us be liberated from the normative, to elevate our souls to greater heights. Then, only then, we will be a union of indivisible hearts under the rhythm of the club.

We’ll be enjoying the stage with Gussy, a queer icon forged outside of time and space, alongside Del and Lorna Clarkson, two of our favourite selectors from adjacent ends of Sydney’s vast rhythmic landscape.