Tuff Sherm is one of the primary musical aliases of Sydney-based producer and composer Eugene Ward. Like the Dro Carey project, Tuff Sherm was born on a release for London’s Trilogy Tapes, after label head Will Bankhead encouraged Ward to do more material in line with the techno-influenced LB Extended Trip track that closed the second Dro Carey EP. From that point, the brief for Sherm has always seen Ward squarely aiming at techno and house territories, typically with a rougher approach than his Dro material.

After a pair of acclaimed 12 inches for Trilogy, Tuff Sherm has worked with a range of labels, both in Australia and abroad. He has done releases with Berceuse Heroique, Butter Sessions, Opal Tapes and Plastic World. The project has also been a popular choice for remixes, with Sherm having reworked tracks for Larry Gus (DFA), Maps (Mute), Eaux, Terriers and Cassius Select.

The Tuff Sherm debut full-length, Shrapnel Maestro, was originally self-released on Bandcamp. However, following the positive reception of the digital version, the album was later licensed to London label Merok for a full vinyl release.

Off the back of a successful split record with Cassius Select, released by Plastic World, Tuff Sherm toured Australia in mid-2014, bringing his Krautrock- influenced house and caustic tech sounds to clubs across the country, including highlight sets with Nguzunguzu in Perth and the Untzz 12 Inch crew in Adelaide.

Tuff Sherm’s mixes and podcasts have been especially well received, frequently receiving Mix of the Day write-ups from RA. His set for Triple J Mix Up Exclusives with Nina Las Vegas has proven particularly popular, as well as his “All Aussie Adventures” mix released right at the end of 2014 on New Year’s eve.